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Sweatshirt Alterations {aka It's 100 degrees outside!}

Clothes have always fit me really weirdly. I have a long, thick torso, so things are either the right length but too baggy, or the right fit but too short. So much fun. So I've been looking up ways to tailor and adjust my clothes to fit me better. I'm not going to lie, I'm not the best with a sewing machine, but I do try to learn and not swear at it as much as others I know. (You know who you are!)

When I last worked at Trefoil Ranch, we ordered staff sweatshirts. I was super excited about mine! I got a white one so I could tie dye it. (Because everyone needs a tie dye sweatshirt in their life!) Sweatshirts are tricky. If they are unisex or ladies cut, it changes my sizing dramatically. I've had sweatshirts in the past that I ordered my size, but they were a ladies cut and it didn't fit. :(

This one I ordered a size larger just in case it was a ladies cut (because we didn't know when we ordered them). Well, it was (and still is!) way too big. Really comfy and warm, but too big. So I don't wear it!

As I have been learning and searching, I found ways to alter t-shirts. I figured if you could alter a t-shirt to fit you better, you could alter a sweatshirt. I thought about just taking in the sides, but realized I didn't like the way the shoulders fit.

I turned the sweatshirt inside out, and started to pin together trouble areas. I found as I took the shoulders and sleeves in, it made the rest of the sweatshirt fit so much better. I ended up taking 1" out of the shoulders the tops of the sleeves.

As I tried it on, the chest and sleeves were still weird and baggy (which made me nervous...I can't do much more than straight lines!). I experimented and figured out if I took the armholes in a little bit, it shaped it up a lot nicer. I ended up taking in a 1/2" on the sleeves.

Where the sleeves and shoulder alterations met were tricky, but I ended up hand stitching those corners so there wasn't a divot there.

I'm super excited! It fits much better, and I know I'll actually wear it. (And be more confident and not a floppy frump.) It's still not perfect, and I'll continue to make adjustments and learn, but I'm so excited it worked!

My next project:

A Wonder Woman cape and tiara! :) Wish me luck!