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I Would Be a Terrible Sailor

Not because of the seasickness part.

It would be an adventure! New lands unexplored! New creatures never before seen! The tales you would have when you got back (if you made it back). I've always been an adventurous soul and longed to go places that no one had been before (both figuratively and literally). I set sail after high school and haven't really seriously looked back.

(Me as I started grad school and the whole moving to Utah thing.)
However, I get stuck on the not-so-glamorous part…the actual sailing. Sailing a boat isn’t a walk in the park! You can’t just set your course and sit back to relax. You would be constantly moving, adjusting sails, keeping the crew happy without going crazy yourself.

I would be a terrible sailor because of the vastness of the ocean and losing sight of the shore thing.

I can only imagine being at sea for months on end with nothing in sight except the stars. Don’t get me wrong, I love gazing at the stars, but you have to go a long way before t…
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Spring Has Sprung (For Now!)

Spring has finally decided to show its face here in Utah! 

We had stake conference this week, and we got to meet in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square...SO COOL! I got there really early, so I got to go to Music and the Spoken Word with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. It was beautiful!

Flowers and sunshine make me happy. So does personal revelation and answers to prayers. :)
Happy spring!

Captain of the Brute Squad (aka Why Ward Basketball is Awesome)

So I have been playing basketball again. 
And it's been AWESOME.
Here's why:
Exhibit A: These girls.

It has been so much fun to be a part of a team again. This picture was the first and only time we got all of the regulars in a picture together. We had so much fun together while working hard to win. Everyone always got to play, and everyone was an essential, needed part of the team. We even starting having team spaghetti dinners together!  Man oh man did I get nervous before every game, but these ladies always fired me up and helped me get my head in the game. :)  We kept each other's spirits up, and it was fun to cheer each other on.  It was also a ton of fun to make friends across the stake, and cheer for each other as we played, even as they scored against us.
Words cannot express how much I am grateful for these friends! #iseeyou
Exhibit B: We had a winning record.
Other than the first game of the season when we didn't have enough to play, we were undefeated. When w…

Trim the Fat! (AKA Seventh Grade Brain)

Do you know what my least favorite part of school is so far?

Want to know why?
I have something called Seventh Grade Brain. (And it's a real thing.)
Okay, so papers aren't that bad. They give me a chance to express what I know.  I'm just a little out of practice. You see, as an undergrad, I got really, REALLY good at writing papers and sounding really knowledgeable. I'm not going to lie, I wrote papers that had a ton of fluff just to make myself sound good. 
As a teacher, that won't cut it. ESPECIALLY with middle school students. If you don't make it short, simple, and to the point, they will EAT YOU ALIVE and make you question your sanity. Fluff doesn't work for them. You have to take the material and make it digestible, especially in science, where you are teaching them completely new things they have never even heard. I literally call it my Seventh Grade would I teach this to my students so they would understand and relate? 
When cre…

Makes Me Want to Take a Back Road

I got to go home to Idaho for a couple of days over spring break. I was amazed at how much easier I could breathe and how much less stressed I was. I never realized how much of a country girl I was until I lived in the big city!

Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the big city amenities. There's always so much to do! Museums, cafes, concerts, stores and shopping malls, people to see, places to go! However, it's too...busy...and fast-paced...and too many people. :)

On my way home one afternoon I took a back road home to drive on some dirt and visit some old friends. It made my heart so happy to be between fields of nothing, wind, and dirt.

While I'm driving through traffic, I find myself taking new routes home and jamming to country music. I haven't always liked or listened to goes in phases. I like it because it helps keep me grounded and reminds me of where I came from. Reminds me of the people I love, the values I cherish, and the experiences who ha…

Sea Monkeys, Sandwiches, and Salty Scottish Winds

We took our 9th grade biology students to Antelope Island today, and it was AWESOME.

My group started out at Carraway Bay talking about the origins of the Great Salt Lake, its salinity compared to the ocean, and its unique ecosystem. We walked down to the shore and talked about the unique oolitic sand (all the grains are the same size and shape and are brine shrimp poop!), then the kids hunted for brine shrimp and brine flies. We were able to find a ton of larvae, but the cooler weather didn't inspire much of a show for the shrimp. We found a few though!

Our second section was hiking to Buffalo Point. We talked about the different plants that lived on the island, what kind of wildlife could survive there, and what the trophic levels and energy pyramid would look like. It was beautiful! I felt like I was on a Scottish moor overlooking a loch. (Now I just need to see the real thing!)

But boy was it WINDY! The wind was literally pushing me over as I was try…

Unpacking (aka We all Have Skeletons in the Closet)

As I have moved a lot in the past few years, I've gotten really good at packing things up. I'm the queen of real-life Tetris, making things fit where they had never fit before.

I'm kind of slow at unpacking.

I'm almost a month into my new apartment and still have a few boxes left to unpack in my room. I finally have my kitchen stuff unpacked, and have an entire storage unit full of boxes. No big deal.

I think as a missionary someone gave the thought to unpack whenever you get to a new area. The thing that struck me most though was unpacking emotionally and mentally as well. Don't leave your bags packed so you can jump ship anytime you want to. Don't spend your time wishing you were somewhere else. Get to know where you are. Get to know the people there. Settle in and stay a while. Unpack.

Even though I have lived in Salt Lake for almost a year, I still haven't fully unpacked. I'm not shy about hiding the fact I didn't really want to come to Utah, so…